Under the leadership of veteran Gandhian, Hon. Shri.Balasaheb Madhukarraoji Chaudhari, ambitious people from higher education, social work and other walks of life came together to establish ‘ArunodayaDnyanPrasarakMandal, Jalgaon’ in the year 1987. The institution was established keeping in mind fundamental change in overall new education policy of 1986. Our Ex-President Shri.Balasaheb Madhukarraoji Chaudhari, who was managing bodies of many educational institutions, had a first-hand experience.

He and Management Members realised that the ‘East Khandesh’, our region needs an educational institution with a difference in a true sense. There was an urgent need to open the doors of higher education for WOMEN, especially those who are under-privileged for various reasons-early marriage, widowhood, deserted women etc. To serve this class, the institution introduced the college with two faculties in 1989. The Management consciously sought affiliation of the Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University, Mumbai. The SNDT Women's University, Mumbai was established by the great social reformer and educationalist Maharshee Dhondo Keshav Karve in 1916.The University boasts the privilege of being the first women’s University in India. The University celebrated its Birth Centenary in the year 2016. The affiliated colleges are spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Assam.



  • The institution strongly feels the need of imparting quality education to deprived girl students from diverse strata of the society. The institution emblem having, TORCH shows a path towards better future, a BOOK symbolizes that supremacy of knowledge and WOMAN looking through microscope indicates inculcation of scientific attitude among women.


  • Vidya Para Devta



  • To establish social justice through education.
  • To empower students through integrating recent trends in higher education.
  • To encourage the use of ICT to cope up with digital world.
  • To inculcate the sense of self-esteem and self-reliance among students.
  • To promote creativity, integrity and research culture for the creation of versatile personality.
  • To regard the students as responsible citizens to tackle cross-cutting and emerging issues.
  • To conduct various activities for the enhancement and overall development of the students.
  • To collaborate with GOs, NGOs, Educational and Social Institutions for sharing knowledge, skills and experience.


  • To make available skills-based education for enrichment of university curriculum.
  • To impart latest knowledge considering the ever dynamic world.
  • To make the students self-reliant, self-confident and independent through education.
  • To make the students physically and mentally strong.
  • To inculcate human values and sense of patriotism among the students.
  • To develop all-round personality of the students.
  • To provide financial aid for easy access to higher education.



     Institutional Core Values

  1. Promoting Work Culture
  2. Maintenance of Discipline and Ethics
  3. Developing Competitive Spirit among Students
  4. National Integration Development
  5. Promoting the use of ICT
  6. Striving for Excellence



कुसुमाई २०२१ - २२

कुसुमाई २०२०-२१

कुसुमाई २०१९-२०

कुसुमाई २०१८-१९


कुसुमाई २०२२-२३

माहितीपत्रक २०१९-२०

माहितीपत्रक २०२०-२१

माहितीपत्रक २०२१-२२


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माहितीपत्रक २०२२-२३

माहितीपत्रक २०२३-२४


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